Greyban- Hair Remedy for Grey Hairs

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Published: 19th January 2011
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Today, everybody is crazy about their looks especially youth. They want to look simply unique so that they can make a difference with others. There are several things that contribute to our looks like eyes, skin and hairs, etc. But, as the time passes, our skin gets dull, eyes get weak and hairs lost their color as well. Hairs contribute a lot to our look in comparison to other parts of body. So a great care needs to take for our hair. There are several hair color available in the market that maintain the color of hairs, but they all are temporary and donít look natural as well. Even the hair colors contain chemicals which can damage our hair.

Hair grows gray naturally due to various reasons like stress, heredity, illness, vitamin and nutrient deficiency. But the most important factor which turns our hair gray is the rapid decline in melanin which is responsible for pigmentation or color to the hair. Graying of hair is not an unusual thing to happen. The age when graying starts depends on one's genetic inheritance.

Greyban is a kind of hair colorant that is quite different to regular hair dye. The original formula contains bismuth citrate as its main active ingredient, which coats and penetrates the hair roots where it forms Melanin the natural pigmentation of your hair.

Greyban restores your natural hair color. With its reinvigorating action, it will give your hair back its youthful look, and hair will also regain volume and vitality.
You will get the difference after 7 - 14 days of use. Applying the formula every day to dry hair progressively gives it back its original color. Grey Ban does not need any special precautions, has no nasty smell and no one will realise you are treating your hair. Grey Ban is not a dye and will not stain clothing.

It is easy to use as it comes in the form of spray. One does not need to use brush to apply solution on hairs. It is recommended that one needs to use it every day for the first 28 days and then twice a week after that.

All in all, Greyban works as a hair remedies that adds natural protein along with melanin-like pigment back into your hair. With each day, your hair becomes darker - gradually - until you regain your natural hair color.

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